A new version of Intel® SCS is now available!

Version 8.1 (download) is an update to version 8.0.  New installations of SCS do not require 8.0 to be installed first, as 8.1 is a full package. 

Interested to see what's new? Watch a demo of Intel® 8.1


Version 8.1 Highlights

  • Windows 8 Professional clients (in legacy desktop mode)
  • Detection and fix for hostname FQDN mismatches
  • Discovery and  configuration of business Ultrabooks
  • Migration utilities for SCS 5.x and 8.0
  • Compatible with AMT 8.1 ME firmware


Detailed Highlights

  • Windows 8 Pro “metro mode” client configuration is not supported at this time.
  • Hostname FQDN mismatches can be detected by system discovery with the /ReportToRCS parameter. 
  • Ultrabooks without a wired LAN port on their system will be configured over wireless in client control mode.  Upgrading to admin control mode requires a PKI certificate, and is supported via the “movetoacm” upgrade process (introduced in SCS 7.1)
  • Migration utilities include CLI and wizard.  Systems provisioned with a management console cannot “migrate” to using SCS with these utilities.  The following types of migrations are supported.
  • Unconfiguration of AMT active directory objects automatically done
  • Mandatory encryption when creating or editing XML files (non-database mode)
  • Separate power policy for wireless adapters can be defined


Where do I download SCS?

You can go to the SCS product page to obtain the latest version (and download the newly updated product brief).  Developers and ISV’s can obtain the Implementation and Reference Guide and sample code from the SCS page on the vPro Developer Community.


Have feedback?

If you have any feedback on SCS, please visit our support community: Intel® Setup and Configuration Software