Today's hackers have moved well beyond the viruses and Trojan horses that attack at the operating system level. Recent rootkit attacks and other new techniques have suddenly made tokens and smart cards insufficient at blocking unauthorized access to the client's IT system. This has become a critical issue as remote users and cloud computing are becoming commonplace. So how can you combat these cutting-edge hackers?

Amy Doescher, Enterprise Security Product Marketing Engineer at Intel, and Marty Jost, senior manager of product marketing at Symantec, will explain how you can take authentication to the next level. Register for our webinar to learn how embedded, hardware-based authentication solutions can help you:

  • Fend off attacks that circumvent traditional software-only-based security measures.
  • Step up authentication with embedded hardware-based storage of authentication tokens and certificates.
  • Prevent screen scraping and other malware attacks by verifying a human presence at the PC.
  • Reduce costs associated with lost smart cards or tokens, and minimize IT staff time associated with traditional token and smart card provisioning.


Marty and Amy will also discuss how our new solutions can assist you in disaster recovery scenarios. They'll even be answering questions live, so be sure to bring a question or two to ask. It's a great chance to get answers directly from industry experts on IT security.




Intel IT Center Talk to an Expert webinar series
IT Security and Cost Control without Compromise: A Fresh Look at Authentication
Thursday, July 19, 2012
9 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time

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