I had a chance to check out the Lenovo M92p Tiny a few weeks ago and it made a pretty big impression.  By way of introduction, the M92P Lenovo’s latest desktop PC.  It’s based the Intel’s 3rd Generation Core i5 vPro processor.  It has all the vPro management and security features plus Lenovo’s TVTs, or ThinkVantage Technologies.  What’s cool  is Lenovo has managed to pack all this into an amazingly small 1 liter desktop.  To give you a mental image, for those of you that golf, that’s about the size a box of a dozen golf balls.  It's small size, and energy efficiency allow for nearly silent operation.  The tiny can easily sit beside your monitor, or even mount to the back of a flat panel.




Displays are another strong point.  With its Intel integrated graphics, the Tiny is also able to support up to three independent monitors, or four monitors in what Lenovo refers to as their Quad Mosaic Mode.  Quad Mosaic essentially allows four monitors to function as one.  With this capability, a single image to be enlarged to displayed across four monitors.  The tiny comes with a regular hard drive, and SSD as well as a diskless option.  The diskless option can come in handy for those of you who are interested in taking advantage of desktop virtualization.