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More than ever, enterprises need a reliable way to deter laptop theft and to disable access to or destroy stolen data, even if the machine is out of reach. As Symantec’s largest solution supplier in Hungary, system integrator WSH needed to protect the security of its own laptop fleet, especially against loss and theft. It was one of the first organizations in Hungary to use Intel and Symantec’s jointly-developed security solution – PGP WDE and RDD* with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology  (Intel® AT) — to secure laptops. Based on its own positive experience with the solution, WSH decided to recommend laptops powered by 2nd generation Intel Core processors with Intel AT, together with Symantec PGP WDE and RDD, to its customers.


“Symantec PGP WDE and RDD with Intel AT runs in the background, protecting the laptop without interfering with the user experience, offering both software and hardware security protection without noticeably slowing down the device,” explained Róbert Sali, head of system integration for WSH.


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