Need to configure AMT machines within your environment but don't have a Independent Software Vendor (ISV)?


Here is another way you can configure your AMT machines without haveing a software deployment tool.  As long as your organization has Active Directory set up, you can follow the instructions for SCS to install your configuration server. Once that is configured, you can use Group Policy Object's Start Up Scripts to deploy SCS Discovery which will determine what AMT platforms you have in your environment and how they are set up.  Once that can be determined, the machines not configured can be configured with a SCS profile in admin or client control mode.  Then maintenance can be run on the clients.  By using the GPO's startup script, the account being used is the computer's system account. This helps if users in the environment do not have full administrative rights to their computer.


To get more details on this UCRD:

Download Here: Setup and Configuration with Intel SCS 8 and Microsoft Active Directory

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