The manageability and security features of the Intel Core vPro Processor platform always garner a lot of attention, as they should.  But, there’s a lot more under the covers to be aware of that helps make the vPro platform the best one for business.  I’ll be highlighting some of these features today that are part of our third generation Core vPro Processors.


Let’s start with graphics.  You will see up to a 2x increase in graphics performance compared to our previous generation platform.  The latest generation of our Intel HD Graphics also includes DirectX 11 support.  With both the cost and complexity of doing video work shrinking, and social networking expanding, video is becoming a very common tool for businesses of all sizes.  The process of encoding video for different sources can be time consuming.  Intel Quick Sync Video helps to make this process a lot faster.  This technology leverages the capabilities in Intel HD Graphics to accelerate the process of converting video into different formats.  Here’s a brief overview video:


Check out the Intel Quick Sync Video website for additional details, including a list of software products that make use of this technology.


Energy efficient performance is still one of the big cornerstones of the 3rd Generation Core vPro processor family.  You get Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, which will automatically speed up the CPU when heavy workloads are detected and there’s thermal headroom.  This allows you to get work done faster and maintain great battery life compared to previous generations that would have to run the CPU maxed out for longer periods of time to get you the same results.  In addition to Intel Turbo Boost Technology, there’s also Intel Hyper-Threading Technology on supported processors.  This allows each processor core to run two tasks at the same time.


Here’s a video that give you a good visual of how Intel Hyper-Threading Technology works.