Today we are pleased to announce our 3rd generation Intel® Core™ vPro processors. I wanted to spend a few moments blogging about how Intel is enabling the future of personal computing in the PC Plus era.  PC Plus is a term coined by Bob O’Donnell at IDC and gets to the heart of what’s going on in the market, where PCs will co-exist with a growing number of devices.  With emerging devices like tablets, new compute models like cloud, and more users “Bringing Their Own Devices,” it can feel like the Wild West.


Fortunately, 3rd generation Intel® Core vPro processors are designed to bridge the gap between what CIOs need and what business users want. Our role is to lead to the way in this new era by empowering everyone with the security to ensure complete confidence in the compute experience, the confidence to automate complex business processes and IT tasks for maximum efficiency and the ability to take advantage of ongoing innovation in both business PC performance as well as in exciting new form factors.


Of course, computing with confidence and making the most of this opportunity still means addressing the real challenges facing IT and businesses. Let’s just recap the most important ones. For IT managers the top priorities reflect an ongoing need for control in an increasingly complex computing environment. That means developing ways to simplify, consolidate and securely automate tasks that drain valuable resources and time and a secure, no-compromise means to support the consumerization trend balancing user expectations with IT accountability.


For business users, the priorities are even more fundamental; it’s about the quality of the experience…in system performance, form factors, and being able to balance their business and personal lives across their devices. Clearly, everyone is looking for a lot more from business PCs these days. So let’s dig in and see how Intel is defining and delivering the next generation Intel Core vPro Processors to bridge the gap between CIO’s and business users.


At Intel we believe that security is the foundation to build this bridge; that’s why it’s at the core of everything we do—and built right into the processor. 3rd generation Core vPro processors make the most of embedded security by allowing any business to protect themselves in four ways through:


  • Threat Management
  • Identity & Access
  • Data & Asset Protection and
  • Monitoring & Remediation


Let’s take a look at just a few of these areas to show how Intel has raised the bar in embedded security. As one example, McAfee’s EPO Deep Command and Intel Core vPro processors are integrated to reduce security management costs and to ensure protection even when PCs are disabled or powered off.


McAfee’s ePO Deep Command utilizes Intel’s Active Management Technology to deliver beyond-the-operating system management. With local and remote connections, administrators can install security updates and put protection in place ahead of threats—even when systems are powered off or using encryption. IT can also enforce compliance by ensuring that powered off, remote, and mobile endpoints adhere to policies and configurations. There’s even the ability to discover and quickly identify which PCs are utilizing Intel® vPro™ Technology.


Cyber threats continue to become more sophisticated and global.  According to McAfee, Symantec, The Guardian and other security sources:


  • More than 600,000 social media IDs are compromised every day
  • There are 31,000 new phishing attempts every month
  • And last year, 11 million people fell victim to identity heft in the US alone


Phishing alone costs the economy $1-2 billion each year according to the FBI. To help address identity theft, we developed Intel Identity Protection Technology to provide embedded two-factor authentication…allowing systems to employ hardware-based credentials while validating user presence. We’ve already delivered this secure, easy-to-use solution based on One Time Password. Now we have expanded IPT capabilities even further with a hardware-based embedded PKI capability. This level of security takes computing with confidence to a whole new level.  Building Identity Protection into the hardware has raised the bar for security broadly and it’s made 3rd generation Intel Core vPro processors the most secure computing platform available for business…


From the desktop to digital displays to ATM machines, security remains the number one concern for IT departments…but right on its heels is the ongoing pressure to do more with less. In the current environment there are simply more PCs, more IT processes, more devices, just more of everything to manage. On top of that, tech-savvy users have come to expect more in client performance, secure mobility, and faster IT response times when problems do arise.


All of this makes the need for IT flexibility and agility more crucial than ever. Managing IT environments must continue to be a win-win…both for those who create the business and those who protect the business. That’s why Core vPro processors continue to attract so many followers…with capabilities that significantly reduce cost and increase uptime.


We have a true “better together” solution with Microsoft & Windows 7… and whenever customers are ready to deploy Windows 8, rest assured that we will have the best platform to implement it, thanks to our close alignment and optimization efforts together.


In the area of automation, we continue to provide easy tools to enable anyone to automate their business and speed up the ROI on their PC investments—even when those systems number in the hundreds of thousands as it does for a multi-national corporation like CITI Group. The continued evolution of Intel Core vPro is precisely what a global enterprise like CITI Group needs in order to do more with less with tools like Windows PowerShell to automate essential IT and business processes.


Improving the end user support experience while reducing costs is the goal and a clear win-win for both CIOs and end users. That’s why Core vPro processors extend the reach of IT support and remote management by taking the whole help desk experience to the next level. To maximize both IT support and the growing trend of user-based self-support which is becoming more common, Accenture has been partnering with Intel to provide one-click, 24x7 computer diagnostics and repair services to enterprise clients by virtually transporting technicians to remote PCs using ARROW…the Accenture Remote Resolution Online Workforce solution which puts the user in the drivers seat.  And the timing couldn’t be better—with users wanting more control and empowerment in their computing. Solutions like Accenture’s ARROW will enable a new level of self-support that gives everyone what they need most—faster resolution of issues and return to productivity. It’s the simplicity and flexibility everyone needs as we move into an era of more devices, new compute models, and greater innovation in PC forms factors…


Last year we talked about virtualization, client-aware cloud service delivery, and compute model flexibility. We are continuing to innovate in these areas…but in terms of immediate innovation, we want to give you a first-hand look at what is taking place right now as users look for consumer-like capabilities in their business systems.


From the desktop to next generation notebooks there’s a renaissance going on in business computing. From Big Data applications to thin and light form factors, business users should be excited about being able to create and consume content anywhere, anytime—without compromise.


Let’s start with performance. Core vPro processors continue to enhance the computing experience in all areas including the use of Business Intelligence and Big Data. With serious data crunching and high-performance graphics, we’re at a point where big data applications are finally finding their way from the data center to the end point and back again. It not only ushers in an era of greater access to data for everyone, it means high-end simulations, data mining, and business intelligence are now another routine capability right at your fingertips.


Big Data has become a top-tier concern for businesses that need to make sense of all the data accumulating in their data banks. Core vPro processors put greater performance in the hands of more information workers giving them the ability to access and glean insights from the data right in their PC With the power to handle bigger data sets and manipulate them faster, familiar PC tools like Excel are evolving to support this process of creating, collaborating, and sharing big data insight,


As we mentioned earlier, with all this talk about “consumerization” and “bring your own device,” IT can sometimes feel like the Wild West—with everyone running off in their own direction. At Intel, we see this as an opportunity to deliver value. That’s why we are actively driving innovation in form factors while continuing to deliver the business-grade security and automation that we’ve been describing.


Let’s start with the desktop and All-In-One’s.  Business AIOs give users a sleek, powerful way to transform their workspace, not only by saving space and reducing clutter, but by supercharging productivity with touch screen technology, secure HD video conferencing, and energy-efficient high performance. For IT, All-In-Ones with Intel Core vPro processors offer superior performance on the desktop with the added benefit of being able to combine collaboration and communication on a single system. By literally replacing the cost and clutter of the phone and its network infrastructure, businesses can accelerate ROI and achieve ongoing cost savings. Does it really make sense to spend over $500 for a phone when you can simplify and integrate through an All-In-One solution? The answer is obvious.


Now, moving beyond the desktop brings us to our next area of innovation. Mobility defines the way many of us work today. So the industry has stepped up—recognizing that thinner and lighter devices aren’t just nicer to look at, they’re a necessity to get the job done anywhere, anytime. Sleek and attractive systems are going to be available from a range of OEMs in increasingly slim and powerful form factors, many less than one inch in height. But Intel is taking mobility even one step further… We’re pleased to introduce the first Ultrabooks with vPro technology specifically designed for business.


They feature the full capabilities of Intel Core vPro processors, with the responsiveness and sleek form factors of the best consumer systems. Rapid start technology so applications are ready in seconds. Smart response technology with frequently used apps and files stored in Solid State Drives. Smart Connect technology so apps are always updated with fresh content.


Later this year, a number of Ultrabooks will also include touch . . .the ultimate in no compromise computing.  Ultrabooks based on Intel Core vPro processors are a great example of platforms that are “Built for Business and Engineered for Security” while delivering a no compromise user centric experience.



With 3rd generation Intel Core vPro processors, Intel is leading the way in this new era, bridging the needs of IT and the desires of business users as never before. With embedded security at every layer while delivering cost saving automation to help IT do more with less and with sleek form factors like AIO and thinner and lighter systems, including vPro Ultrabooks to enhance productivity,  vPro  is giving IT and end users what they want most… The excitement of “no compromise computing” in the most innovative PCs ever.