Your users want to be productive from any device, anywhere, anytime.  You want to give them access to their own personalized corporate desktops while the desktops are running in a secure, well-managed environment.  You can do this today with desktops running in the datacenter using Citrix XenDesktop.  But many users will continue to run their desktops on physical PCs.  Now they too can access their physical desktops remotely and securely with a new feature of Flexcast, Remote PC.  With Remote PC, your employees can access their own physical PC desktops from any device running Citrix Receiver.


Citrix and Intel are working to ensure that the user can use Remote PC and XenDesktop to connect to their remote desktop even if their PC is powered off or in a sleep state.  This remote Power On capability will work with Intel Core vPro processor-based PCs by using their built-in out-of-band remote power on and management features.   The remote Power On occurs automatically, without the user having to do anything other than initiate the Citrix Receiver connection.


Citrix Remote PC on Intel Core vPro processor-based PCs gives users the flexibility to be productive from any device running Citrix Receiver, and connected to the internet, by giving secure access to their physical PC when the PC is left in the office, secured behind the corporate firewall.  So, check it out, put that PC to work for you even more!