I like using the Get-AMTHardwareAsset to get information about the target Intel vPro platform. But I want the data in another program. Powershell is great for giving us options. One reason I like it so much!


Let’s get some data from a client:


PS C:\Users\cdpiper> Get-AMTHardwareAsset -Credential $amtCred




You can see that this is a Lenovo Laptop with a core i7!


Great! …but… kinda hard to browse all that info. So let’s pipe to a different PowerShell formatter out-gridview.

PS C:\Users\cdpiper> Get-AMTHardwareAsset -Credential $amtCred | Out-GridView


get-amtfirmwareverion out-gridview.PNG


Nice! I can copy and paste the data into excel.

…but… that does not scale. Good for a single machine, but not if I want to save the data or do this regularly.


What else can do? Again, PowerShell to the rescue. Those guys at Microsoft thought of everything! Export-csv!

PS C:\Users\cdpiper> Get-AMTHardwareAsset -Credential $amtCred | Export-Csv output.csv


Done! Now I just type PS C:\Users\cdpiper> .\output.csv and since I have Excel installed, it pops right up!

get-amtfirmwareversion export-csv.PNG