If you have been using Intel SCS 7.1, the upgrade path to version 8 in non-database mode is really simple.


Shown below is an Intel SCS 7.1 instance with 2 profiles present.

RCS 7.1.png

After downloading Intel SCS 8 (http://www.intel.com/go/scs), extract the files and find the RCS directory.


Start the IntelSCSInstaller.exe shown in the screenshot below.

start RCS 8 install.png

The installer will recognize the existing Intel SCS 7.1 instance and prompt for upgrade to version 8

upgrade prompt.png

Click Next and complete the installation process.  You will be prompted for the service logon account password.


At the completion of the upgrade, the new version of Intel RCS (RCSserver) and console have been installed.   Shown below - the same two profile are still available.


upgrade complete.png


Two final items to complete.   The Configuration directory provided in the download has a newer instance of ACUconfig.exe.   This should be used on the end points that will be configuring Intel AMT and talking to the Intel RCS version 8 instance.   In addition, if you exported configuration profiles to run the Intel AMT configuration event locally on the client, re-export the profiles.   This will update a few items in the profile.xml.


Shown below is the ACUconfig v8 (top) and v7 (bottom).   The ACU.dll and ACUconfig.exe have been updated.

update ACUconfig.png

If you used the ACUconfig SystemDiscovery feature with ACUconfig.exe version 7, the version 8 output will include a new format and more details.   See the Intel SCS 8 user guide.


Additional information on suggested commands and approach to Intel SCS 8 Deployment are available via the Deployment Guide at http://www.intel.com/go/scs