With the release of the Setup and Configuration Software version 8, we have introduced a lot of changes.  First, there are a lot of technical changes to how SCS 8 works compared to the previous version.  Second, this is the first release of the software that’s geared towards wide use.  Previously, we targeted this software towards software development companies interested in including Intel® vPro™ Technology capabilities in their software products.  So, in order to help organizations adopt and use SCS 8 I have put together some training videos to help you get up to speed with the SCS.  They videos are available at http://www.intel.com/go/scs.


We have six videos that will give you an overview of the Intel® vPro™ Technology platform, the SCS and how they work together.  In total, it’s about an hour’s worth of video total.  Here’s a brief summary of each of the videos.

    • This module discusses the various pre-requisites that ease the setup and configuration process of Intel® vPro™ Technology clients.


    Please share your feedback on these videos.  If there is enough interest in topics not covered, or enough interest in deeper discussion of specific topics, I can look into creating additional videos.