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Taeyoung Industry is Korea's leading liquid cargo and grain storage/loading company. To keep up with growth, the company needed a new and efficient remote management system to replace its expensive and overloaded existing one.

Taeyoung Industry implemented the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor platform for the management system agent. Now it can remotely control the power supply to the system and perform remote upgrades and maintenance. Not having to keep the system turned on all the time has brought significant cost savings.

“We are now able to freely manage power and even control the BIOS when booting,” explained Lim Gyucheol, team manager for Taeyoung Industry, “which allows us to provide support to unmanned devices and devices in regional branches from a remote location. This achieved fast and efficient task processing. Particularly, we were able to reduce the instances of coming into work on off days. We are very satisfied with the new technology.”

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