I really like using the invoke-AMTGUI script as a demonstration and learning tool. I can show someone how to call one of my scripts without having to type (and make mistakes while typing) long commands. My typing is not the best especially when someone is watching. So I use the GUI to show the different scripts. A nice feature of the GUI is that the full command is echoed to the shell, which can be captured in a transcript or cut and paste for usage later. For example:

calling complicated cmdline showing full command in shell.png



I didn’t have to type invoke-amtforceboot $Computername -credential $Credential -operation PowerOn -Device BIOSSetup -console SOL -SOLTerminalPath "telnet" -SOLTerminalArgList "-t ANSI %Port" Into this blog – I just cut and paste! I like to be efficient.


What about a situation where you want to use the invoke-AMTGUI but don’t want to show the full commands in the shell? Well, you can start powershell, telling it to launch a script and hiding the powershell window itself. It does show for a brief moment, but this is a nice solution.


First we make a script called launchGUI.ps1 to load the vProModule and launch the invoke-AMTGUI.

This is the c:\launchGUI.ps1 file

Import-Module IntelvPro



Next, launch powershell from a cmdline : go to the start menu -> run and type "powershell –windowstyle hidden c:\launchGUI.ps1"

The GUI now launches without the shell in the background. Let me know what you think!