An early Christmas present arrived yesterday - the release of McAfee EndPoint Encryption for PCs version 7 (EEPC7)!


Why am I so excited about it?  Customers that need a true power\patch with full disk encryption, easy encryption password reset, or remotely remediate common issues can now do so with the integration of McAfee ePO Deep Command and EEPC7.   Plus - all of the functions can be enabled for Internet-based clients using connectivity via the McAfee ePO Deep Command Gateway Services.


Four articles with additional details and video demonstrations are shown below.   Contact your McAfee or Intel representative for more information and request an onsite demonstration



The above capabilities will work on clients across multiple versions of Microsoft Windows operating system.   In addition, McAfee ePO Deep Command works with Intel AMT configured clients over 802.11 wireless.


For an index of resources on McAfee ePO Deep Command, see


But wait - there's more!

  • Starting with version 6, McAfee EEPC is optimized for Intel AESNI for improved encryption performance
  • Starting with version 7 and in connection with 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors, McAfee EEPC is optimized with Intel Secure Key.   Instead of a software generated encryption key, a higher entropy hardware generated key is used.
  • EEPC7 combined with an Intel SSD - fantastic response times when using full disk encryption.   (Coming soon - OPAL with Intel SSD drives... even better performance)


Give it a try!