A comprehensive document for both Intel AMT configuration and McAfee Deep Command installation has been posted at https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-3316


The goal of the document is to provide a simple and clear path to be able to start using Deep Command in an enterprise environment.  The document skips many extraneous options, providing a single path that has been tested in the lab and with select customers.   The skipped options may be applicable to certain environments, and those with a solid understanding of Intel AMT configuration will identify necessary alternatives as needed.   Two key points about configuration of Intel AMT in working with McAfee Deep Command – you must have TLS in the profile, and your Digest or Kerberos account for AMT authentication must have PT Admin Realm access in the AMT ACL.


The original document exceeded 60 pages with over 6,500 words.    In collaboration with a McAfee SE, we chose to divide the document across several posts on the McAfee Community website.   The link above is the introduction or landing page, where additional links to the sections of the document are provided.