We’ve all been there. The horrid “blue screen of death” appears on your PC.  You frantically call your IT helpdesk and enable the IT person to magically take over your PC remotely. He starts moving the mouse around and does some digging into your PC. Inevitably, he tells you to restart your computer. Then you have to enable the IT person to take over your computer again to finish the job.  But what if the IT person could identify the problem and restart your computer without you ever touching your mouse?


Well the time is now. The Dell KACE Management Appliance delivers a fully integrated systems management solution. Ideal for midsize to large enterprises, the KACE K1000 and K2000 Management Appliance fulfills the systems management needs from initial operating system deployment to hardware and software inventory, software deployment, asset management, endpoint security, patch management and service desk functionality.


The KACE Appliances primarily uses software techniques to manage and configure remote PCs. This means a software management agent needs to be running on the remote PC for the appliances to carry out remote management and configuration tasks. If the PC is powered down, fails to load the network driver, or any number of reasons, the appliances cannot access the system.


But now Dell has added hardware management capabilities by supporting Intel® vPro™ technology. Specifically, it will be using Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT), keyboard video mouse (KVM) remote control and HBP (host based provisioning). By incorporating Intel vPro technology, the KACE appliances have the ability to remotely fix a broken PC even if it is powered down. As long as the PC is connected to a Wide Area Network, an IT person can boot up the PC to fix the remote system and return full the K1000 or K2000 management functionality.


To learn more about Intel and Dell KACE integration, please attend this webinar on Dec. 1. You can also read more over at Kace's blog. Join us!