We at Intel are very excited about the recent release of Citrix XenClient 2.1.   XenClient 2.1 introduces many new capabilities, two of which I wanted to take a moment to highlight.


First, the new dynamic layering feature enhancements in XenClient 2.1 are an example of how XenClient enables Intelligent Desktop Virtualization or IDV.  Dynamic layering enables an easier, more reliable, and more cost effective way of managing system updates while minimizing end user impact and increasing IT control and agility.  Layered images are an essential part of a no-compromise desktop management solution because it allows IT to retain centralized control over distributed images.


The second enhancement now available with XenClient XT 2.1 is that this solution will now be available on mobile PCs.  XenClient XT takes advantage of a hardware-rooted security available with 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family to deliver extreme security and isolation without compromising end user performance.  With this release, Citrix extends the security, isolation, and performance benefits of the XenClient XT to laptops equipped with a 2nd Generation Intel Core vPro Processor.  IT can now deliver a common solution across both mobile and desktop platforms, enabling mobile users to access applications involving sensitive data in a highly secure environment whether working on line or off line.


XenClient XT 2.1 is an excellent example of a solution that capitalizes on Intel’s IDV vision.  These innovations enable Intelligent Desktop Virtualization solutions that deliver a great user experience and the ability to optimize IT infrastructures for lower cost and higher scale."  For more information on how your enterprise can benefit from IDV download Intel’s vision paper click here.  To learn more about XenClient 2.1 click here.