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Siriraj.jpgThailand’s Siriraj Hospital needed to improve the responsiveness of its IT to help deliver the best possible medical care. The solution it found was Intel® vPro™ technology.


To enable overall IT efficiencies, the hospital needed a standard platform with the performance capability and environment to handle a variety of applications, including the benefits of in-band and out-of-band management through a management console. It was also looking to increase efficiency in the way it delivered medical care by ensuring the uptime of computing resources. Finally, the hospital needed to reduce work delays caused by PC breakdowns and increase I support responsiveness in bringing disabled PCs back into service rapidly. During the hospital’s cyclical IT refresh, it standardized on PCs with Intel vPro technology.

“Intel vPro technology has enabled us to manage our IT resources more effectively,” explained Dr. Viroje Chongkolwatana, deputy dean of IT. “Improving PC uptime leads to better outcomes in terms of efficient usage of our limited resources and supporting healthcare delivery.”

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