We have a great lineup of classes this year at the Intel Developer Forum - ranging from beginner to advanced. If you're not able to attend in person, then make sure that you download the session decks at the Intel Developer Forum site.



BCCS001 Intel® Business Clients: The Next Wave of Innovation

Level: Introductory
Speaker: Abdul Bailey

Business computing needs are evolving rapidly, which creates increasing demands for greater intelligence in client end points. In preparation for 2012 and beyond, come hear about strategies to optimally use the capabilities available across the compute continuum for businesses of all sizes. Investigate how PCs powered by the sixth generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors make this platform unique, and about the opportunities for both hardware and software developers to deliver a value proposition on this platform.


Topics include:

  • Introduction of a new platform and software solution for small businesses with unmanaged IT environments
  • See how the IT shop of 2012 will provide faster, smarter solutions that take advantage of an increasingly Client Aware Cloud or Intelligent Desktop Virtualization
  • Revolutionize the Help Desk process through the deployment of Intel® KVM technology
  • Accelerate other critical business needs through the use of tools like Intel® Host-based Configuration, Intel® Setup and Configuration Service (Intel® SCS) version 7.1, or Microsoft* PowerShell*, plus a full menu of Use Case Reference Designs
  • Explore the Biz Compute Continuum


BCCS002 Small Business Solutions for Managed and Unmanaged IT Environments

Level: Intermediate
Teri McFaul: Engineering Manager, BCPD
Kevin Havre: Market Development Manager (verify with Lisa), BCPD

Intel will introduce a new platform and software solution in 2012 for unmanaged small businesses. Come hear about this and small business solutions leveraging Intel® vPro™ Technology.


Topics include:

  • Overview of Host Based Configuration
  • Review of opportunities to develop small business-relevant solutions using Intel® vPro™ Technology
  • Introduction to the new unmanaged small business platform and options for delivering a customized solution


BCCS003 Client-Aware Cloud: Adding Flexibility and Efficiency to the Compute Continuum

Level: Intermediate
Speakers: Dominic Fulginiti, CV Vick

This session introduces client-aware cloud and its role in the Compute Continuum, where applications can adapt to your end-user’s environment using Intel APIs. You’ll see the benefits you can achieve for yourself and your users when your cloud solution interfaces with platforms based on 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors.


Topics include:

  • How client technologies, such as Intel® AES-NI and Intel® Identity Protection Technology can improve the efficiency of your infrastructure while improving user satisfaction
  • Demonstration of Lenovo* Secure Cloud Access
  • See the benefits of client-aware cloud in a real-world environment


BCCS004 Supercharge Your Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processor Management Solution

Level: Intermediate
Speakers: Brian Cockrell, Chris Piper

Enable your software product with Intel® vPro™ Technology! This session will demonstrate how to solve real world IT problems utilizing Intel® vPro Technology. Included in this session:


  • Methods and building blocks that aid in developing end to end products and solutions
  • Solutions utilizing:
    • Host Based Configuration
    • Intel® vPro™ Technology module for Microsoft* PowerShell*
    • Use Case Reference Designs
    • Intel® KVM technology
    • Intel® Setup and Configuration Service (Intel® SCS) version 7.1


BCCS005 Intelligent Desktop Virtualization

Level: Intermediate
Speakers: Jesus Garcia

Intel’s perspective on Desktop Virtualization spans traditional desktop management and emerging techniques, such as remoting, streaming, virtualization and layering, which are all associated with Desktop Virtualization. In collaboration with the ISV ecosystem, Intel has developed a point of view and solutions that will help enterprises strike the right balance between user experience, IT control, costs and flexibility.

Topics include:

  • What is Intelligent Desktop Virtualization
  • Why is it important and how can it help your enterprise business
  • How do today’s solutions map to Intelligent Desktop Virtualization


Attend this session and learn how to get desktop virtualization right, by committing to Intelligent Desktop Virtualization.