We have updated our management pack for Microsoft System Center Service Manager with some new features.  We have added:

  • Support for the Intel AMT Alarm Clock
  • Support for Fast Call for Help with our KVM Remote Control application


The Intel AMT Alarm Clock will let you set up a timer that will automatically wake up the PC, even if it is completely powered off.  This timer can be set either for one-time use, or with a reoccurring schedule.  Once the timer is set, it will work as long as the Intel vPro client has AC power.  It doesn’t even need to be attached to the corporate network.


The addition of Fast Call for Help support with KVM Remote Control allows you to point the KVM Remote Control application to your Managed Presence Server (MPS) to route traffic over a Fast Call for Help connection to a remote system.


Note: The management pack does not include an Intel vPro Enabled Gateway (aka MPS or Managed Presence Server).  For additional details on the back-end requirements to support Fast Call for Help please take a look at the following links:




You can download the new management pack here: