Beta CIRA support has been added to the 3.1 version of the Intel vPro PowerShell module. All of the Powershell cmdlets transparently communicate to the CIRA connected client through an MPS. First the CIRA proxy and client list must be registered with the Intel vPro PowerShell module. Afterwards, just call your normal scripts.


I did not include native scripts to perform this fucntionality since I are planning that for the next release. Threfore we need some way to test that CIRA works and to explore the usage. To do this I wrote some test scripts and attached them to this blog. The next release of the Intel vPro module will include native CIRA support.


I have three scripts:






First, lets ensure that no proxy is setup: Type


get-mpsstatus no clients.png



Next add the conenction  information for your mps proxy. In my environment the proxy is I will add both the http and socks proxy info.




Finally add your connected CIRA clients using the manage-MPSCLient script:

manage-MPSClient.ps1 -hostname vproClient1 -action ADD

manage-MPSClient.ps1 -hostname vproClient2 -action ADD

manage-MPSClient.ps1 -hostname vproClient3 -action ADD

added clients.png


Now call any Intel vPro PowerShell script.



Important notes -

The MPS information is on a per session basis,

  1. So each time a PowerShell console is opened, the MPS information must be set.
  2. The MPS information is only available to scripts called in that console.


Your feedback is welcome! I am planning on adding native CIRA support into the next Intel vPro Module release.