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chec.jpgThere are over a thousand computer terminals at China Huadian Engineering Co., Ltd. (CHEC) headquarters and its 12 branch companies. But the IT operation and maintenance for the entire CHEC Group is monitored by a team of just 15 people. With such a low IT-staff-to-assets ratio, CHEC faced numerous challenges and a lot of pressure to keep its IT operations running smoothly. Challenges included reliable management of  IT assets, efficient IT maintenance, network security, and various other issues related to keeping the company’s IT resources operating efficiently with few manpower resources.

To meet the challenges, CHEC deployed an Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based desktop terminal integrated management solution that included a Lenovo* manageable PC and GeneralSoft* network abnormality investigation system. The result? Greater efficiency and accuracy in collecting statistics on IT assets, improved IT maintenance efficiency, and enhanced defense against network anomalies.

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