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itc_cs_otsuka_vpro_library_preview.jpgThe customers of Japanese technology services provider Otsuka Corporation needed to remotely control  their office-based client PCs to help employees work from home, make it easier to establish satellite offices, and manage client PCs more efficiently. Although Otsuka already knew about software-based techniques for remote access, it was concerned that the software might not work in all situations. Otsuka investigated Intel® vPro™ technology because of its capability to switch PCs on and off remotely using a hardware-based mechanism.

Akihiko Nakamoto, manager of Otsuka’s Product Promotion Department, explained, “Intel vPro technology provides a reliable way of switching power on or off remotely and represents a paradigm shift capable of overturning the skeptical attitude that customers have shown to remote access in the past. We recognized that by combining Intel vPro technology with our own services, we could provide an unparalleled level of convenience to our customers.”

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