I stumbled onto Kirk Monoe's (Quest Software) link on creating a PowerGUI Powerpack. PowerGUI looked good and I quickly got excited about the idea of making a vPro PowerPack. So I got ahold of Kirk and with a little help made a Intel vPro PowerPack!


Rather than type - I'll just show you screenshots!


Just loaded, no clients.png


A very clean interface to the Intel vPro PowerShell module.


So lets add a client: click on "Add vPro client" and type in the name when prompted.


added client.png


Go ahead a highlight the client, then perform an action from the right. Whoops - we forget to set credentials. So the PowerPack prompts you for them:

credential request.png


Once you enter it in, PowerShell stores the credential in its own secure string storage so the credential persists across sessions.

of course, you can change the credential or password by clicking on "Change AMT Credential"

just changed credential.png

At this point i expect you are thinking "Great...but how do I get the PowerPack?" Well I'm glad you asked:



And in case you haven't downloaded the Intel vPro module for PowerShell yet:

Download the  PowerShell Module for Intel vPro Technology version 3.0