Have you ever wanted to figure out what platforms you have in your environment?  Then once you determine what's in your environment, configured the machines that are Host Based Configuration capable?  Now you can!  By using the Intel® Setup and Configuration Service (Intel® SCS) 7 discovery tool, systems can now be determined by information gathered by the tool.  Use Microsoft* ConfigMgr to find the data and make useful collections and target the machines that have host based provisioning available.  With this useful guide, you now have the tools available to you to create an Intel SCS 7 discovery tool package, deploy it, modify MOF files to create custom collections, pinpoint the host based provisionable clients, and push them a host based configuration package to those clients. We have also included how to continue maintenance to those machines by adding a few new collections and registry key checks and instructions on how to unprovision the clients.  This is truely automatic and configurable.


Host Based Configuration using Microsoft* ConfigMgr and Intel SCS 7