After years of heavy usage, the physical drive on one of my lab systems had failed.   Although I had the convenience of a lab\test system, I took the approach of a production environment to restore the system back to a functional state.


Some additional background on my lab.   It is physically located in Hillsboro Oregon inside a Farady cage (i.e. no wireless communications).   I am able to login to and interact with my lab systems from any intranet or Internet (with VPN) connection, with a wired connection into the cage.   My desk is located in a separate building on the same campus - about a 5 minute walk if I don't stop by the cafeteria or stop to talk with others in the hallway.   In general, a majority of my interaction with the lab is remote.   Physically touching systems is only required during setup or if systems are not managed via Intel vPro Technology.


First - a temporary operational environment was delivered to the client.   One example


Second - the physical hard-drive was replaced. (i.e. I'll be there in 5 minutes.... when in reality it may be more than 15 minutes)


Third - The last backup was restored to the client.  One example how this can be done is shown at   (focus on the latter half where Symantec System Recovery Disk bootable ISO is delivered along with process to restore the last backup). 


Except for a short visit to the lab to physically change the harddrive, the scenario was remediated remotely in relatively short timeframe.


Welcome to the power of Intel vPro Technology delivered within a Symantec Client Management Suite environment.