The rate of change in business computing workloads is faster than ever, and customers are seeking innovations that cost-effectively manage end point devices, improve worker productivity, and secure business assets without compromise. Given these demands, I am thrilled to announce Intel’s 2nd Gen Core vPro processor family.  Intel has teamed with industry leaders to build Core vPro-based solutions that prepare businesses of all sizes for today’s challenges and whatever tomorrow may bring.


Judging from the enthusiastic response we are already receiving from IT organizations, press and analysts, I am pleased to note that the “reports of the PC’s death have been greatly exaggerated”.  Just as Mark Twain blasted his naysayers, the fantastic portfolio of new vPro-based hardware, software, services, and solutions from an ecosystem of >550 strong, showcases the vitality of the PC and the outstanding business value it delivers. Quite simply, the reason the PC remains the hub for business computing during this period of dramatic change in businesses’ computing is its unmatched ability to adapt.


Our aim with this latest version of Core vPro PCs is to provide the perfect balance of capabilities benefiting workers and IT that will bring about this revolutionary new workplace.  On the productivity front, our ecosystem, optimizing for smart Intel processor features like Turbo Boost and integrated HD processor graphics, prepares customers for demands of what some call the “The Consumerization of IT”, but what we see it as the need for “enterprising of consumer technologies.”



This trend includes usages that debuted in peoples’ personal environments, but are quickly ramping in businesses (often without IT’s knowledge).  Workers are multitasking nonstop. HD video conferencing, immersive media, and social networking are now being fully integrated into familiar productivity tools, with enhancements to make them “business class”.  For IT, we provide the control and confidence that comes from the world’s most secure and manageable PCs.  Capabilities include proven silicon-based features like AES-NI (Advanced Encryption Standard-New Instructions that accelerates data encryption and Trusted Execution Technology (TxT), which helps protect virtual environments, as well as the platform flexibility to deploy a variety of compute models, including the full spectrum of desktop virtualization and cloud computing options.


I mention a spectrum of choices because each business has different needs based on employee task requirements, compliance regulations, geographic considerations, etc. which are in a constant state of flux.  With vPro as the design point, our PC OEMs and software innovators including Citrix, VMware, Symantec and Microsoft are delivering great desktop virtualization solutions utilizing the performance, capability, and flexibility of intelligent clients.


With regard to cloud computing, some of you may be thinking… “aren’t those applications just accessed through a browser, so why does the end point matter?” It’s because the cloud is increasingly becoming “client-aware”… And that awareness stems from what we call “the 3 C’s”… Compute, Context, and Capabilities!



Read more about the 3 C's:



Along with industry standards like HTML5, Intel has developed and demonstrated Cloud API interfaces that provide enhancements based on client features. This enables the cloud providers to deliver the best possible user experience through secure and policy-based application and services delivery models versus designing for the lowest common denominator.


The Enterprising of the Consumer Technologies also addresses requirements for PC companion devices like smartphones and tablets being introduced into the work environment. As PC Companion devices are providing additional reach and mobility options for the enterprise, the PC is adapting to complement new baby brothers and sisters.  Now, of course with any “first born”, it takes a little time to learn how to be the best big brother, being faster, stronger, more capable, more secure, and more self-manageable than the new arrivals… and we in the PC ecosystem are excited by the role and the responsibility of teaching, protecting, and storing the secrets of the new compute continuum family members.


This ever growing spectrum of Web-enabled devices can utilize the trusted attributes of the PC as a HUB that enhances and compensates for the devices’ limitations, while enabling customers to benefit from their ultra-mobility.


To wrap up, Business PCs with Intel Core vPro processors deliver no compromise with capabilities that enable businesses to address these evolving expectations and future proof their organizations for even more changes to come.  Performance matters to business… ensuring workers are as productive as possible and enjoy a great user experience, while confidently balancing the needs of IT control with the most secure and manageable systems.