itc_cs_californiaupennsylvania_core_carousel_preview.jpgAt California University of Pennsylvania, the computers weren't left on 24/7—and the IT department’s software-only management solution provided no way for IT administrators to power up the PCs and manage them remotely. IT also could not remotely wake up, authenticate, and manage laptops that were disconnected from network cables or placed in standby mode. This led to a lot of extra work to track and ensure patching was completed.

Cal U conducted a two-quarter ROI investigation using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager* (SCCM*) to manage 45 desktop and laptop PCs based on Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors. This combination enabled Cal U’s IT department to consistently power on desktops and wake wireless laptops remotely to issue patches and apply software and BIOS updates. IT was also able to access clients remotely and troubleshoot issues even when the operating system or network stack was not functioning correctly.

“Using SCCM with the Intel Core vPro processors will allow our IT team to maintain high efficiency while supporting both desktop and mobile users. Our calculations show that we’d see a positive ROI of 144 percent over five years and would break even in two-and-a-half years,” explained Andrew M. Caudill, director of IT operations for Cal U.

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