Terry Cutler wrote a really nice article about hardware-based alerts in Intel AMT and the Symantec Management Platform. He included information and a video on using Fast Call for Help with Symantec to create a Self Help Portal. Here’s Terry’s post: Using Out-of-Band Alerts with Symantec Management Platform.


This inspired me to extend my “Using Intel AMT Remotely from a Command Line” series. You see, in order to use Terry’s Self Help Portal, Fast Call for Help from inside the intranet must first be enabled. One easy way to automate this would be via a batch file using WinRM. I’ll assume you’re familiar with the basic concepts:


Using AMT Remotley from a Command Line with WinRM


WinRM command line for Kerberos and TLS


From an AMT perspective, enabling Fast Call for Help in the Intranet requires two things. First, you must turn it on. Second, you must tell AMT where to send the alerts generated by Fast Call for Help. These can be done in any order. The second part is easy with Symantec. Terry covers this here: Part 1 - Using Out-of-Band Events and Alerts with Intel vPro Technology. Just subscribe to the AMT Notification alert.


The first part is a little harder. The good news is that, if you configure AMT for Fast Call for Help from the Internet, then it’s also automatically turned on for the Intranet. But what if you don’t use Fast Call for Help from the Internet? Try this WinRM command:


winrm invoke RequestStateChange http://intel.com/wbem/wscim/1/amt-schema/1/AMT_UserInitiatedConnectionService @{RequestedState="32771"} -remote: -u:admin -p:P@ssw0rd -a:Digest -encoding:utf-8


Be sure to replace the IP with your system’s IP or FQDN and adjust the credentials as needed. Take note of RequestedState="32771”. This is the on/off value for Fast Call for Help. There are actually four options:

32768 – Disable Fast Call for help from the BIOS and the Operating System

32769 – Enable Fast Call for help from the BIOS interface only

32770 – Enable Fast Call for help from the Operating System Interface only

32771 – Enable Fast Call for help from the BIOS and the Operating System interfaces


One you have a working command to turn on Fast Call for help, use Symantec to schedule it to run on all you AMT systems.


Now that you can turn on Fast Call for Help for all your AMT >=4 systems, add Symantec Management Platform and you have everything you need to deploy an out of band self help portal. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you get your self help portal up and running. Anyone have any other ideas for ways to use Fast Call for Help?