As most seasoned MSPs know, power management can improve the client’s bottom line with the flip of a switch, but sometimes it’s hard to get users on board.


That’s why I’d like to focus on a hot topic in our industry today, green IT, and how you can boost your efficiency. There’s been a lot of hype around the word green—green living, green business, the new Green Lantern film…but let’s look at it in terms of the services we offer. How can MSPs help clients become more energy efficient and better utilize their existing resources? By establishing a comprehensive power management system through the capabilities of Intel vPro technology-based PCs accessed through their existing management console software.


A power-down script in your management console application combined with the remote power-on capabilities of Intel vPro technology-based PCs is all you need. That’s how I remotely power down my client’s PCs after hours and turn them on before the start of the next business day. This significantly lowers their energy consumption, which in turn reduces their operating costs. Overall, I save my clients around $100-300 per PC each year.


Come watch me in action as I practice green IT with the power management capabilities of vPro in The Legend of Geoff Bradshaw >>