itc_cs_capgeminikvm_core_carousel_preview.jpgAs one of the world’s largest IT system integrators and support providers, Capgemini  is always looking for innovative new technologies that can help it improve service to its customers. It recently conducted a trial for a retail customer to demonstrate how remote IT support with help from Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processors, including KVM Remote Control, could improve the performance and security of its desktop computers.


After the success of the trial, Capgemini is now evaluating how it can use KVM Remote Control to remotely manage on-site computers used to coordinate the transfer of key inventory and financial data between individual stores and the head office.


“Our trial of Intel’s KVM Remote Control has shown us that it has the potential to significantly enhance the IT support services we deliver to our customers,” explained Don van Gelder, IT architect at Capgemini. “By allowing hardware-based access to client computers, KVM Remote Control offers a more robust and effective solution than previous software-based tools.”


Capgemini is also looking into how it can integrate KVM Remote Control into its IT support offering to deliver a more effective service to customers and reduce the costs associated with running their IT infrastructure. By providing a more reliable way to deliver updates and systems maintenance, KVM Remote Control can help Capgemini reduce the risk of downtime in its customers’ systems and help engineers deliver support faster.


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