There are a variety of insights shared on this site (vpro expert center) and Symantec Connect's site on deployment and implementing vPro in a Symantec environment.   But if you need direct technical support and assistance - contact Symantec.  


As an example of Symantec's capability to support most requests, see


Symantec support technicians are ready to take the call, setup a WebEx session as needed, and help you get vPro configured and usable in the environment.


And just in case you have a particularly complex issue that a Symantec support associate cannot address... if it gets escalated to their senior support represenatives, there will be some behind-the-scenes collaboration with appropriate Intel contacts.


Symantec support teams have been answering vPro deployment related calls for a few years now.   As issues are addressed and shared out via their knowledgebase (, more information is accessible to the community.