Help desks receive more password reset requests than any other type of request, and the number only increases when a new product or service - that requires yet another password - is adopted. Usually, the new product and or service comes a new portal to log into in order to retrieve the password. As I come from a help desk background, I fully understand the sigh and groans that are associated with a new tool coming in to support.


A proof of concept to alleviate this very issue was created within Intel and is quickly moving to a production usage.  The main goal of the Proof of Concept was to alleviate the time and several systems needed to fix a common issue. Using Intel Active Management Technology (AMT),  a component within Intel’s vPro technology capability, we were able to automate the delivery of the recovery passphrase for an encrypted system, instead of burdening the customer with receiving the complex password verbally and ensure it was entered correctly. The common issue with a global help desk and geographically separated customer base is that sometimes dialects conflict and it takes longer to convey a password reset when it’s a complex password (i.e. letter, number, special character and 32 characters in length).


Now other issues that are faced are the many different systems used to validate ownership, provisioning status, establish a connection to the AMT back end, pull the encryption password etc.  The solution here is to automate and consolidate the tools with a web front end. We have an internal web page that makes all the calls and activates an API (still under development testing) that alleviates the need to log into a console.  Simply launch the site- use the portal to authenticate our users, verify the system, its online connection and capability to have a vPro AMT connection and launch the API to make the connection. We insert the encryption password which is pulled from a separate database (different authenticate prompt yet still automated within one portal), the password is inserted into the API pop up and the stream of information is sent to the customers machine.


The production support for a Service desk that would not be using vPro capability to automate the delivery of a password can expect to have encryption passwords that are complex and delivered verbally run into :30 - :45 mins time frames. Utilizing the collection of tools and the API to automate all tool needs, we have reduced the time to around: 05 - :07 mins from call onset to closure and customer logging in to windows.


Here’s an example of the automation that’s possible using vPro technology: