In our quest to make vPro great for remote remediation, we took the concept of a small linux iso, added in a little ROS_trigger, and poof; a new reference design code named 2 stage boot. Our goal was to make remote booting faster by placing the remote image as close to the vPro system as possible. However, even we were surprised at how much faster this really is.


The gist is this; using IDEr, a vPro system boots a ~4Meg linux image. This image maps a share and then dowloads a bigger image into a RAM disk. Then it triggers a reboot to the RAM disk. Hence the name "2 stage boot". Check out the reference design here, which includes a step-by-step guide as well as a builder that will customize the stage 1 linux image for your environment, no linux experience needed.


Don't believe it's fast? Wanna see how it works? Check out the latest tech 10 episode (below). I walk Michele through using 2 stage boot and do a side-by-side speed comparison of pure IDEr vs IDEr with 2 stage boot.