itc_cs_kmvs_core_carousel_preview.jpgKMVS is a legal firm, based in Prague,Czech Republic,specializing in copyright and intellectual property law; personal data protection; and commercial, employment, and contract law. Personal data protection is especially important, since employees often need to transport confidential client information on their laptops. KMVS needed to secure this information to prevent unauthorized access—a need that became even more urgent when one of the company’s partners lost a laptop with sensitive client information.


KMVS purchased Lenovo T510 ThinkPad* laptops powered by the Intel® Core™ i7 vPro™ processor with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT). Now if an employee’s laptop is lost or stolen, KMVS can remotely disable it by sending a ‘poison pill’ through its standard Internet connection or via its integrated 3G receiver—rendering the laptop useless and ensuring the information it contains is secure. This can also be triggered if the laptop fails to check in with the central server or if it registers too many failed log-in attempts. If the company later recovers the laptop, it can quickly reactivate it with no damage to hardware or software.


“Intel Anti-Theft Technology helps us ensure that the sensitive client information stored on our laptops can only be accessed by those authorized to do so, even in the event of a theft or loss of a laptop,” explained Libor Štajer, a lawyer for KMVS.


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