I loaned a test system to a co-worker and just got it back. Unfortunately the OS is not exactly as stable as it was when I lent it. Rather than getting upset I took this as an opportunity to show case my new reference design, Trigger a Recovery OS Remotely. This reference design includes trigger_ros.iso file that, when booted, locates ros.iso on the hard drive and then boots it as a ram disk. In this way, help desk users can use IDER to trigger recovery OSs, test tools, and OS imaging partitions that are already resident on the client, all without modifying the default boot loader or partition scheme that’s on the hard drive.


Back to the issue at hand. My system is an HP 8440p. It has AMT 6 and can do KVM Remote Control. Also, the default HP hard drive scheme includes an OEM factory OS image on a 2nd partition. This partition is marked by including an empty file titled HP_WINRE. Using information in the appendix of the UCRD, I modified trigger_ros.iso to search for HP_WINRE and then have it boot that partition. I renamed trigger_ros.iso to trigger_hpre.iso and then ider booted to my ailing HP 8440p. The attached video is the result. Suffice to say, from there it was pretty easy to reimage my system remotely, getting it back up and ready for someone else to destroy it.