This article is intended to show the method to integrate RealVNC Viewer Plus into a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Primary Site server.  This will allow you to simply right click on a provisioned Intel vPro system within SCCM and launch RealVNC's KVM Console seamlessly.


Recognition goes to Kyle Harbert of Intel that helped develop the coding to make these files work.




·         RealVNC Viewer Plus:

·         Microsoft SCCM Primary Site Server installed and managing Intel vPro clients

·         Intel vPro clients provisioned by SCCM site server


Required Files (posted below)

·         vPro_Client.xml - This file must be placed in c:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminUI\XMLStorage\Extensions\Actions\7ba8bf44-2344-4035-bdb4-16630291dcf6 on the SCCM Primacy Site server

·         Launch_AMT_KVM.vbs - This file is called by SCCM when the additional menu options are activated.


Steps to Integrate RealVNC Viewer Plus into SCCM

1.   Install RealVNC Viewer Plus onto the same system that is running your SCCM Primary Site Server (use default values during installation and ensure the default location is c:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNCViewerPlus)

2.   If this folder does not exist (c:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminUI\XMLStorage\Extensions\Actions\7ba8bf44-2344-4035-bdb4-16630291dcf6), create this folder location and copy the vPro_Client.xml file into this folder.

a.    This file creates additional items in the right-click menu for individual systems in SCCM.  These items are used to connect the RealVNC KVM to that system.

3.   On the SCCM server, create c:\KVM folder and copy Launch_AMT_KVM.vbs into this folder

a.    This script retrieves the client’s FQDN from the SCCM database and launches KVM.

b.    The vPro_Client.xml points to Launch_AMT_KVM.vbs at c:\KVM


NOTE: You may have to restart SCCM Configuration Manager to get the right click capability.


You will now be able to right-click on an AMT 6 Provisioned vPro system and directly launch the RealVNC Viewer Plus from within SCCM.  Let me know how it works for you....happy KVM'ing!




Source Code for files


Copy code below and save as: vPro_Client.xml


<ActionDescription Class="Group" DisplayName="vPro" MnemonicDisplayName="vPro" Description="PRO Client Tools" SqmDataPoint="53">
    <ActionDescription Class="Executable" DisplayName="AMT KVM" MnemonicDisplayName="Mnemonic" Description="AMT KVM">
<Parameters>/C cscript c:\KVM\launch_AMT_KVM.vbs ##SUB:Name## ##SUB:__Server##</Parameters>




Copy code below and save as: Launch_AMT_KVM.vbs


Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
objShell.CurrentDirectory = wscript.scriptfullname & "\.."

hostname = WScript.Arguments(0)
strServer = WScript.Arguments(1)

Set objLocator = CreateObject("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator")
Set objSMS = objLocator.ConnectServer(strServer, "Root/SMS")                    'connect to sms
objSMS.Security_.ImpersonationLevel = 3
set colSiteDetails=objSMS.ExecQuery("select Machine, SiteCode from SMS_ProviderLocation where ProviderForLocalSite=True")
For Each insSiteDetails In colSiteDetails
set objSMS=objLocator.ConnectServer(strServer, "root/SMS/site_" & strSiteCode)
strQuery = "Select * From SMS_R_System where Name='" & hostname & "'"

Set objEnumerator1 = objSMS.ExecQuery(strQuery)
if not isnull(objEnumerator1) then
for each instance1 in objEnumerator1

set oExec = objShell.Exec( "c:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNCViewerPlus\vncviewer.exe ConnectionMode=IntelAMT AmtSecurity=TLS " & FQDN )

wscript.echo("Not a valid machine.")

end if