Over the past few months, we've put a lot of work into a new web site on Intel.com's IT Center. I'm so excited today to let you know that it's launched! This new site, nicknamed Activation 101, was designed to simplify activation. All of our key materials to help you ramp quickly are finally located in one central location. This is phase 1 of the site - phase 2 includes an awesome tool that is being coded as I type this.


Visit the web site at http://www.intel.com/go/vPro101.


The Home Page


Listed first are the key links that you need. You'll find links to a tool that scans your network and lets you know if you have Intel vPro PCs on your network already. You'll also find the link to our wiki that lists vPro PCs from some of the major PC manufacturers, demos that explain the technology, and the new SOFTWARE CATALOG.


Oops, sorry. Didn't mean to shout - but it's an exciting asset to this site.


The Software Catalog

This sortable catalog allows you to search two different ways:


Do you already have software that supports Intel vPro in-house? Then locate your software in the catalog and see which vPro usage models it supports. Click on the software name to drill down to more detail.


Or, are you looking for software? If you know what you want to do with your PCs with Intel vPro technology, then search by usage model. You can select the columns which are most important to you, such as Diagnose and Repair PCs Remotely, Isolate and Recover Infected PCs, and more. Then you can filter the results to see only the software packages that support those usages.


See? It *was* something to shout about. ;-)


New Demos Spell It Out

The usage models for Intel vPro technology are outlined on our Activation 101 site - and you can watch short demos for each one. I've collected the links for them right here: