Swedish Public Employment Service’s IT department wanted to improve the end user experience and maintain the high security of its client infrastructure while lowering total cost of ownership. The IT department also needed to reduce the agency’s impact on the environment by shutting down computers outside working hours.


The solution? Replacing 14,500 desktop systems with 12,300 HP 8440 EliteBooks* powered by the Intel® Core™i5 vPro™ processor. The remote power management feature of Intel vPro technology can power laptops up and down, enabling technicians to deploy off-hours security patches without needing to leave the computers turned on 24/7. Now the Employment Service saves 6 million KWh of electricity per year—which translates to EUR 625,000 and much lower carbon emissions. And employees can work from anywhere with just one user name and password.


“Switching to laptops powered by the Intel® Core™i5 vPro™ processor enables us to meet the guidelines set out by our corporate strategies on mobility and the environment,” explains Mats Larrson Lantz, project manager, for the Swedish Public Employment Service. “The end user experience is significantly improved, energy consumption is considerably reduced, and security is enhanced, not compromised.”


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