With the announcement today of XD4 Feature Pack 2, XenClient is coming to market!


This is an exciting moment for the development and enabling teams at Citrix and Intel.  More importantly, it is a breakthrough for IT professionals who are defining their enterprise scale desktop virtualization strategies as we speak.   XenClient, developed on and for Intel vPro-based clients, provides a new paradigm for Desktop Virtualization enabling a solution that meets IT needs for centralized management, control and security while supporting the ever growing end user demands for flexibility, mobility and rich user experience.


Through our close engineering collaboration, Citrix XenClient has harnessed Intel Core i5 vPro technologies, resulting in reduced virtualization overhead, hardened memory isolation and near native gfx performance by enabling assignment of the igfx device directly to a VM.  This combination allows IT to provide their users a centrally managed but mobile image for their job while enabling the users to have a separate ‘personal’ environment that allows for uncompromised performance, flexibility and independence.  What is also great is users can choose which environments they wish to run. If  at work, they can just run their work environment without the overhead of an underlying OS and at home the reverse is true; they can just choose to run the personal environment.


Another important impact is that by running the VMs out on the XenClient enabled endpoint they don’t need to run on the server reducing expensive data center infrastructure requirements while still achieving the benefits of centralized management.


Finally what is equally exciting is this is only the beginning for client side hypervisor technology and will surely open doors for additional innovations and use cases moving forward!  Visit this site to download XenDesktop 4 Feature Pack 2 and learn more about “The making of XenClient” and the spirit of collaboration that exists broadly for XenClient and the possibilities it represents!!!!!