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Please join Intel experts for a discussion of KVM Remote Control. On August 26th, from 12pm-1pm PDT the Intel® vPro™ Expert Center Community will be hosting an Ask an Expert Live Chat about KVM Remote Control.



The ability for IT to be able to remotely diagnose and fix PCs without dispatching a technician has helped IT reduce the total cost of ownership for their fleet of PCs.  However, software based solutions that have been available typically require the PC to be functional to the point where at least the OS (Operating System) is up and running.  In addition, such solutions typically cease to function if a reboot of the remote PC is required.  Intel has developed a hardware based solution to the problem  with remote KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) redirection available on both Desktop and Mobile PCs with Intel® vPro™ Technology; it allows IT to remotely diagnose and fix PCs even if the OS is not up and running and even if a reboot is required.



Remote KVM redirection allows IT to capture, in real-time, the screen of a remote PC.  In addition, remote KVM allows IT to have control of the remote PCs keyboard and mouse so that they can troubleshoot problems just as if they were sitting in front of that PC.  If a reboot of the remote PC is required, then the remote KVM session remains active and IT can determine if the fix has been successful or if more troubleshooting is required.  KVM utilizes Intel’s integrated graphics and supports both wired (Ethernet) and wireless (WiFi) networks.  Intel® vPro™ Technology with remote KVM redirection made its debut in 2010 and is supported by various popular ISV manageability consoles.



We will discuss your questions and exchange ideas. Intel content experts will include Richard Foote, Jake Gauthier, Frank Engelman, Stefan Richards, and Matt Jung. On August 26thth, join us!