Over the last five years I have searched the globe for use cases that impress, amaze and showcase how companies can think out of the box when deploying Intel Technologies.  This one specific use case was culminated on a call over a year back when I was introduced to a company with a vision, their vision was to be a game changer for how to sell ranches in the 21st Century.    While still in the exploring phase, they received a little help from Intel and rapidly transformed their ideas into reality.   First let me introduce the company, it’s Ruple properties in San Antonio Texas http://southtexasranches.com   Here’s a few of their properties that they are selling at the time I’m writing this update.








This company had a vision of how they could create a work environment for their sales forces (agents) that would enable them to make the deals happen.    The team @ ruple properties had a saying they shared with me “Time Kills Deals” and everything had to work flawlessly to make that happen.   When I met with the team we talked about leveraging building blocks for connectivity, remote manageability, video, GPS and SW.    At this time the team agreed that a Truck is to be the central hub of operations with interaction from Cockpit ó Car ó Customer.   The truck’s requirements are to bring all the necessary pieces together and be accessible from the office in the event of a SW/HW issue.  


We can do with the following as our Bill of Materials (BOM):


Building Block



Semi-rugged Tough book

Panasonic -T8

Provide a low weight, semi-rugged laptop to be mounted in a truck and plane.


Cradle point + 3G USB modem

Provide on the road & in the air connectivity for communication



Provide Location awareness

Remote Manageability

Intel – (Intel® vPro™ Technology)

Provide both in band & out of band access to fix the laptop regardless of location.


Xacti camera

Video’s + Stills that could be immediately uploaded to the website or shown to customer on the spot




When you take all these pieces and integrate them, you get a really cool solution that enables the company to speed up their transaction time, resulting in more sales. Let’s explore a couple of examples of how this technology is already being utilized.



Example #1:   “New Property Listing”  - While en route to a property, Scott Ruptier (Realtor) told me that, when listing a new property, time to post a property is a big factor in the customer making a decision to list with a company.  With the new setup he is able to drive to a new property without seeing it prior,  map it, take pictures, size the property and list it all while being onsite for the first time.  This includes being able to integrate what he is seeing in the air with the plane, downloading all the content from the cockpit and making a single package for the new customer.  This example alone is making the technology worth the investment.  Another important piece to their ranch realty is troubleshooting when something goes awry out on the job. These listings can be 3-6 hours away from their corporate office, therefore if there is a SW/HW problem it is a “MUST-Have” for some sort of remote manageability / connectivity back to corporate to aide them in troubleshooting and resolving the problem.   During our discussion and my visit we didn’t see a HW/SW failure. (That’s good news)



Example #2:   “Selling the Ranch” -   One of the use cases that I was able to fully test was the sale of a ranch.   The company took me through the entire process, which included driving a “MULE” all-terrain vehicle around a ranch, driving the entire site, including the deer pins (which is where the deer are managed) and then taking it in the air to see the overhead view of the entire ranch.  All of this together enables the realtor to have a full and complete package for the end customers.  They can pull real time cockpit information above to show land marks, size of the ranch and pin-point any key areas to visit .  Then they take it to the mule and explore all of the trails, the infrastructure, that is onsite (wells, water, home, etc..).    This use case is the base of the video.



Onto the Video, here is what I was able to capture over 2 days of exploring, and what I can say is the most innovative use case to date (from my perspective).  





I would like to thank a few key folks that helped me get this started,  Andy Tryba (Intel Marketing), Michele Gartner (Community & Use case guidance), Kelsey Witherow (building the 1st real foil of this use case), Tim C (Panasonic), Cradle point, and of course Ruple properties for being the visionary in making this use case a reality.   I want to thank Joe Ruple for taking me up in their plane and letting me witness firsthand what they do every day in making their job possible.  Thank you Scott Ruptier for giving me a ton of information, mind sharing around this use case and ultimately helping to deploy this solution. Scott was also my tour guide for the visit and took me to some pretty remote locations to see why remote manageability is so important.    The next big question you may be thinking about is ROI, well they don’t have that yet and I think that may be something in the future to explore after all their trucks are enabled and they have a few months of operating in this new model.  




What I would like to do is catch up with them in Q4, see how their full integration is going and report out live from the ranch on how Intel vPro Technology is making their jobs easier and truly changing the game for their business model.   



If you have a use case that really rocks let us know and maybe we can come visit your company as well to “grok” what you have done.   Thank You.



Josh Hilliker