If you've updated your Symantec Management Platform recently - you likely have the needed update for KVM remote control.   This was released June 22, 2010.


Customers can immediately take advantage of this feature - helping to reduce support times


Not familiar with KVM remote control?   Check out this demonstration from Symantec Vision



In my own lab environment, the screenshot below shows modules needed to support this - focus specifically on Out-of-Band Management and Real-Time System Management.   Both of these have MR1 (maintenance release 1) noted next to them.


SIMupdate for KVM.jpg


You will need an Intel vPro platform with Core i5 process and Intel integrated graphics.


In a near future article posting - I'll step through how to complete setup\configure and utilize the technology.   For now - look at the Youtube link above with Sean Waddell demonstrating the feature.