If you’re a small or medium business (SMB), your IT services provider is an essential part of your success—providing the technologies you need to stay ahead of your competitors without the expense of building your own IT infrastructure. For IT services providers like AutoCont, that means its own success lies in finding the most powerful technologies to offer its customers.




AutoCont recently launched two new SMB service offerings based on the remote maintenance and management capabilities of Intel® vPro™ technology. While its customers benefit from lower costs, less downtime, and tighter security, AutoCont has been able to improve its own customer satisfaction ratings and revenues.




“Intel® vPro™ technology has enabled us to launch two brand-new IT service offerings to SMBs throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia,” explained Patrik Solc, business development manager for AutoCont. “By outsourcing IT support and management to us, they are able to cut costs significantly since no in-house IT department is required. Signing up to our Profi Support* and Profi Monitoring* services is the smart thing to do in today’s uncertain economic climate. Customers no longer need to worry about their IT, since it is our responsibility.”



For the whole story, read the new AutoCont case study. As always, you can also find this one, and many more, in the intel.com Reference Room and IT Center.






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