Config Manager does a great job of setting up and configuring AMT. However, there are some features that the current Config Manager doesn't configure. To name a few: KVM Remote Control, Fast Call for Help, and PET or WSMan eventing. This is not a knock on Config Manager. It configures everything it needs to perform that actions it supports on AMT. But, just because one uses Config Manager to setup & configure AMT doesn't mean that one can't use other AMT tools and features. The trick is figuring out how to apply the extra AMT settings needed for the desired features.


OK, that's a mouth full. Here's an example that might help. Let's say you want AMT 6.0 to send a WS-Man event every time it's IP address changes, for tracking purposes. First, you find a tool (or write your own, it's not to hard with WinRM) to add the appropriate settings to AMT. Then, follow this Use Case Reference Design: It offers two methods you may use in conjunction with Config Manager to get the extra AMT settings applies to all your AMT systems.


Here's a few ideas on other ways you might use this:

  1. Configure KVM ahead of time so the Service Desk user's don't need AMT admin permissions to use KVM Remote Control

  2. Configure Fast Call for Help so end user's may press the "Call for Help" button to alert the Service Desk that they need help.

  3. Configure and use Agent Presence

  4. Add a special Digest account for administrative and automation purposes

  5. Turn on some of AMT 6's new features like IPv6 or Wireless Profile Sync.


The trick is finding the tool that will perform the configuration you want. Then, using the reference design above you can automate it. For #1 above, the Service Manager plugin has support for this. For the rest, you're own for now. But stay tuned as I'm working on blogs, examples, and reference designs to help.