By now, you have heard of the Intel Core vPro Processor Management Pack for System Center Service Manager 2010 release.  The following video provides some additional information on the integration and interoperability of vPro clients between System Center Configuration Manager 2007 and Service Manager 2010.




The notable point within the video is that the provisioning of vPro clients is performed by System Center Configuration Manager allowing System Center Service Manager to simply invoke the Out of Band use cases (KVM Remote Control, Media Redirection / IDER, and Power Control).





For those that are well versed in Configuration Manager and AMT / vPro out of band management may be asking: “If System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2) is responsible for AMT setup & configuration and System Center Configuration Manager 2007 has no native knowledge on how to configure KVM Remote Control, then how does KVM Remote Configure get configured on the AMT / vPro Client?”




To handle this scenario, the application that delivers KVM Remote Control within Service Manager is capable of configuring KVM Remote Control on-the-fly when it establishes its’ connection to the AMT / vPro client.  It does this by either using the Kerberos credentials of the individual locally logged on or gives you an opportunity to specifying an alternative credential to be used for the configuration connection if the locally logged credentials are insufficient to configure AMT / vPro remotely. 




For those that want to configure KVM Remote Control outside of the Service Manager environment, there is a PowerShell cmdlet included in the MP installer package that you can execute remotely against the AMT client to configure KVM Remote Control.  Keep your eyes open on the vPro Expert Center for an Use Case Reference Design that will allow you to use Configuration Manager to execute this PowerShell script during the AMT provisioning process.




To download the Intel Core vPro Processor Management Pack for System Center Service Manager 2010, please visit the Microsoft PinPoint Management Pack Catalog




--Matt Royer