Many of you know of vPro's IDE-R feature and it's use for a Help Desk. In order to take full advantage of IDE-R, a help desk must have a "tool chest" bootable images to enable trouble shooting of issues. I recently wrote a UCRD to help add to this tool chest: In it I describe the basic steps to build a small WinPE that includes LAN drivers and a VNC server to allow for GUI remote control. This way, tasks such as reg edits, file backup, blue screen analysis, and OS imaging can be accomplished remotely. Also, by keeping the image small, boot time is reduced.


This UCRD is meant as a starting point for WinPE and vPro uses. Using it as a guide, users should be able to create their own WinPE boot disks with custom tools to accomplish specific tasks. Look for more UCRDs that get specific on using WinPE with vPro for very specific tasks. Also, look for UCRDs on speeding up WinPE boot times.


If you're looking for other bootable images or tools for your tool chest take a look at some other UCRDs:


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