"Oh what a night! Middle of May in 2010...I will never be the same again..." Well, maybe Frankie Valley had better lyrics, but the first opening evening of Citrix's Synergy show was a smash hit!


There were hundreds of people milling around, chatting and seeing all the Expo Hall had to offer. The Intel booth was especially busy with hundreds of folks coming in to check out the latest business clients running the new Citrix Xen Client product. This type 1 hypervisor replaces the traditional operating system on the computer and allows the creation and management of mulitple Virtual Machines on the desktop. Customized environments can be create for individual users and specific use models. All with the power of sharing applications between them and using the virtualization features of the Intel Core vPro Processor!


The same can be said of the Xen Desktop demo that was streaming Windows 7 and Windows XP virtual to 2 different diskless clients all while using the Citrix Receiver to remote into virtual machines hosted on the server. HDX (High Definition Experience) was employed to stream a 720p video through the remote VM to the hosted machines and off loading the work to the local machine with excellent performance results!