While at MMS 2010, we had Matt Royer, a Senior Technical Integration Engineer with Intel, give a demonstration of KVM Remote Control with Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010. He shows how the combination allows IT to "get behind the user's keyboard-video-mouse (KVM)" through all PC states without leaving their chair and see what their users see - even when the Operating System blue-screens, is starting-up or shutting down.  Please note that in the demonstration, Matt is using a hardware-based communication channel between Service Manager and the 2010 Intel Core i5 vPro processor based laptop, and is not using a software or agent based remote communication channel.  The demo is especially applicable for problem resolution IT technicians who want to be more efficient and effective by using these new tools to solve more problems remotely, instead of having to visit an end-user's desk (or have an unresponsive laptop shipped back to IT).





Also - while at MMS, we had Travis Wright, a senior program manager lead with Microsoft, talk about the benefits of 2010 Intel Core vPro processors with Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010.  Watch the video below to learn more.