In case you missed the live chat event last week with our vPro and Intel IT experts, here's a handful of the questions that came through the queue.


Q: can you tell me the costs and benefits of implementing vpro?

A: Please review the Calgary Health case study on the expert center and it will give you an idea of the ROI


Q: Has vPro been optimized to run in Win7 and what are the functions I can use?

A: Intel vPro clients do run great with Win7.  For one thing, you can utilize vPro to help deploy Win7 in your environment.  All the vPro functionality including AMT, TXT, VT-x support Win7.  Take a look at the following white paper for detailed information.


Q: What is the difference between Vpro Ready and vpro enabled??

A: A vPro ready system is a system that has the ability to activate and become the powerful machine that it can be(this means it can be AMT enabled, ready for system defense etc). A vPro enabled machine is a machine that has vPro turned on and has been provisioned for certain capabilities like AMT or system defense.


Q: Yes, what new features for windows 7 and vpro can be utilized for remote support

A: One of the great new features we have is KVM remote control, which will give you full remote graphical access to a system no matter what the state of the OS is.  You can see an example of KVM remote control in action.


If these are of interest to you, be sure to check out the entire transcript!


Mike (community manager)